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Our Anti-Bullying Rules
  • We will not bully others.
  • We will try to help students who are bullied.
  • We will try to include students who are left out.
  • If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.



Designed to support our Failure Is Not An Option philosophy, REACH time is structured to help ensure success for all students. There is no one definition of success that fits all students and this block allows us the flexibility to provide support and reinforcement to those that need it, while offering enrichment activities to others.
A feature of our schedule once again this year is REACH (Reteaching, Enrichment, Activity CHoice) once per 5-day cycle.
Students that are eligible (no missing work, MCAS Proficiency, grades meet expectations--ours and theirs!) can participate in activity choice during REACH, which offers enrichment in a number of academic, cultural, and social arenas. Check out our current REACH offerings.

Our Philosophy
At Higgins Middle School we believe that all children can succeed. We also realize that students learn in a multitude of ways at vastly different rates. Simply put: we will not give up on students!
Part of this philosophy includes ensuring that students view failure and improvement as part of the natural learning process and that hard work and dedication pays off. We work with our students to rise to the challenge of our high expectations, to learn continuously, and to never give up.
We encourage and--in some cases--require our students to correct and improve upon their work by entering into a contract with teachers, with the ultimate goal being mastery of the subject area standards.

Boys & Girls Club

There will be no Boys & Girls Club on October 28.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Boys & Girls Club at Higgins The Club ends at 6:00 pm; please pick up your child/children before or at 6:00 pm.  Thanks!

Boys & Girls Club Logo  

Students should meet in Mr. Bruno's room on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Students should meet in Mrs. Davis's room on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  No one should report to their room until after walkers are called.

The Boys & Girls Club Peabody Unit is asking for your support of the after school program at the Higgins Middle School.  The cost to be a member is $10  for the entire school year and includes all programming!  Therefore, we depend on donors who want to see their "return on investment" at a local non-profit. All donations from Peabody residents are used exclusively for the Peabody unit.

The Club is open to all students at the Higgins.  Currently,  we have over 50 youth registered and our daily attendance is rising.  Power Hour, homework help, is the cornerstone of Club programming.  It is vital that our members do well in school and we are prepared to assist them in that goal.  Individual homework help is given by Salem State student volunteers and Club staff.  Since our staff consists in part of Higgins Middle School teachers, there are excellent connections within the school to help our students.  Other activities include cooking, arts & crafts and gym time, as well as field trips and guest speakers.  In addition, two additional computers have been added to our Club area and we will offer a program that teaches Microsoft Office skills in a manner that is fun and effective.

Please consider the Peabody Unit of the Boys & Girls Club when planning your charitable donations.

Please make checked payable to:  Boys & Girls Club.  Please mail to: Mr. Fred Bruno, Higgins Middle School, 1 King St. Ext., Peabody, MA 01960

Congratulations Cluster Spellers!
Study Words for Cluster Bees

Bear   BEARS: Kosta Bakatselos, Lucas Castro, Matthew Dalton, Arianna Duval, King Gaskins, Drew Lucas, Sophia Hollingshed, Thelma Hollingshed, Harry Sorell, Jose Zaiter.  Bears Bee is Dec. 8.
Tiger   TIGERS: David Araujo, April Bonita, Emanuell Dos Santos, Maddie Hanson, Danny Machado, Dan Masta, Dalia Najeeb
Dante Olowu, Zoe Torres, Samantha Valente  Tigers Bee is Dec. 11
Gemini  GEMINI: Milana Cioffi, Devin Cunha, Amanda Lewis, Jake Paragona, Lydia Sorpol, Branden Tomashpol  Gemini Bee is Dec. 14
Marlin    MARLINS:   Jake Cummings, Ketsia Kabeya, Logan McGonigle, Tiege McHenry, Mark Patturelli, WIlliam Raimo, Brady Rios, Aishah Rojas, Michael Saraceni, Robert Villalona  Marlins Bee is Dec. 1
Dolphin  DOLPHINS: Adam Abdulghani, Andrew Connolly, Olivia Cook, Lily Dame, John Howland, Jacqueline Magner, Isabella McCarthy, Evan Morgan, Samantha Rowe, Meg Price, Sofia Valencia, Jake Westin  Dolphins Bee is Nov. 30
Aquarius  AQUARIUS: Eni Falayi, Ana Clara Fernandex, Danielle Barrasso, Elizabeth Newton, Tristan Hubisz, Josh Neuman, Ariz Rozopoulos, Dominic Rinaldi, Meaghan Csongor, Madison Suchecki  Aquarius Bee is Dec. 14
Penguin PENGUINS: Jodie A.; Theola Ofurie; Jackie Sopa; Zachary Medaillen; Gianna Bell; John Silva; Haley Todd; Abriana Ouellette; Joanna Qirjazi; Benjamin McKierman.  Penguins Cluster Bee is Dec. 2
Stingray   STINGRAYS: Isabel Anaya, Lily Baglio, Alex Crowe, Zachary Deschenes, Mike Ferguson. Kevin Gomez, Kristofer Keka, Kimberly Manyanga, Derek Stark, Madeline Talbot, Steve Wango, Jenelle Wronkowski Stingrays Cluster Bee is Dec. 4
Shark SHARKSSyfullah (Tamim) Yeasin; Michelle Kopani; Oluchi Okananwa; Edwardo Pereira; Santina Marzino; Paige Ritchie, Josh LeClerk, Gabriel de Freitas; Michelle Powers; Mykaylas Mastrocola    Sharks Cluster Bee is Dec. 3

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