Three pictures of students in different programs.


Integrated Preschool Program
Located at the McCarthy Elementary School on Lake Street

Kristen-Hutton-Fay, Ed.D, Director
Language-Based Learning Disabilities Program
Located at the Burke School, and Higgins Middle School

Moderate and Severe Disabilities Program
Located at the Captain Samuel Brown School, Higgins Middle School, and Peabody Veterans Memorial High School.

Therapeutic Programs
Located at the West Elementary School, Higgins Middle School and Community High School

High School Programming:

Peabody Veteran's Memorial High School
Leslie Entwistle, Special Education Department Chairperson
Valerie Symrnios, IEP Team Chairperson 
  • Life Skills
  • Self-Contained Learning Disabled Classes
  • Learning Center
  • Therapeutic 
Community High School: Located at Peabody High School / Craig Macarelli, Program Administrator