Masthead of the Capt. Samuel Brown School, with an illustration of a Bulldog, the school's mascot.
 Student Absentee Call in Number is 978-536-5955


 Kindergarten Registration
Brown School- Friday- March 13, 2015
Children's last name beginning A to L come 9:30-11:30 Children's last name beginning M to Z come 12:00-2:00. This is registration only; children need not attend. Registrations canceled by snow closings will be rescheduled for March and parents will be notified by mail of the new registration date.
 "Pennies for Patients" Leukemia Fundraiser will run from February 23 - March 6.  
Last year Brown School raised $3,341.68 
Congratulations to Carmela Bisesti for winning FIRST PLACE in  the 26th Annual George Peabody House Museum essay contest.  Carmela is a third grade student in Mrs. Kinnaly's class.  She is also the daughter of our Library Para Professional Mrs. Bisesti.  We are proud of you Carmela!

The student winners from the Brown School for the grade 4 Positive & Healthy Living Essay contest and the grade 3 “What makes a good friend?” bookmark contest have been selected!  These contests are part of the 40 Developmental Assets ( social norms campaign used in Peabody by the Healthy Peabody Collaborative and were activities to celebrate Peabody Public Schools Red Ribbon Week.  The grade 4 contest was judged by the Peabody Rotary Club and the grade 3 contest was judged by the PVMHS Health Advisory Council.   The Grade 4 winners will receive a gift card to Barnes & Noble and grade 3 winner will receive an art supply basket as well as letters of recognition.  A customized bookmark displaying the artwork of our grade 3 winner will be available to every student in our school.   


The winners for the Brown School are as follows: 


Grade 4:

Olivia Davis (from Mrs. Cokorogianis' class) 

Chloe Gill (from Ms.  McAllister's class) 

Amanda Stone (from Mrs. Vinagro's class)

Grade 3:

 Elijah Loring (from Mrs. Kinnaly's class)


Bad Weather Criteria

There is bad weather in Peabody when it's:

  • Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Raining
  • Snowing

Student  will be allowed into the school building at 8:40 a.m. on days with bad weather.  The south side door (#11) will be opened at 8:40 A.M by a volunteer. Children may enter the building and proceed down the stairs to the cafeteria (Kindergarten - Grade 2) or the glass hallway (Grade 3 - Grade 5) to line up at their designated class positions. Parent Volunteers will keep an eye on the students  until 8:50 A.M. when school begins.

There is NO driving drop off in the rear of the building and no cars are allowed on school property.  No students are allowed to enter building through the glass hallway.  All students must enter through door #11.

Please check your local news station in the the morning for current weather conditions.



* Please do not pull in the back area of the school to drop off or pick up your child.

* Please do not park under signs that say No Parking Between the Hours of 8:30 to 9:30 and 2:30 to 3:30.

* Please do not stop on Lynn Street to drop off or pick up children.

* Please do not stop in front of the school safety lane, next to Louie’s Lix where students line up, or at the circular drive way in front of the school.

* You may park in the church parking lot and walk your child to the crossing guard or to the school area.



All students are expected to arrive at school on time at 8:50 AM. The first 10 minutes of the day are used for important procedural activities such as ordering lunch, taking attendance, collecting homework, establishing routines, and completing morning work. If students are even a few minutes late, they start the day rushed and behind schedule. Please ensure that your child arrives on time each day.



Teachers will escort students out of the building at the end of the day. Parents waiting for their child on the side of the school by Door # 11 are requested to please wait on the sides of the safety lane, leaving the middle area open so that teachers can safely walk their students out to find their grown-ups. Please do not stand in the middle as this impedes a safe exit from the building. Once you have your child, please move quickly so as to allow teachers to help their students locate their parents.

The Brown School is a Green School!
Please click on the link to see what being a Green School is all about.  
Please watch the video.  You may see some faces you know!

 The Brown School Recycles!

Please recycle in bins by the front door for the following:

1. Cell phones, GPS and other small electronics (think cameras, laptops) along with printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges (your office may have a few lying around too!)

2. Colgate Brand Products: including toothpaste tubes/toothbrushes (in a plastic bag please!), floss containers, mouthwash bottles

3. TOM'S of Maine: including toothpaste tubes/toothbrushes (in a plastic bag please!), floss containers, mouthwash bottles, deodorant

4. Plastic Hummus Containers: all brands! (emptied/washed, please)

5. Plastic Dairy Containers: yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, etc (emptied/washed, please)

6. Elmer's Glue: all kinds including glue sticks! (it's ok if there is a little glue left inside)

7. Scotch Tape Dispensers

8. Candy Bar Wrappers: small and large and even the bags they came in!

9. Garnier Products: empty hair and make-up containers

10. SOLO cups: any size (washed, please)

11. Paired Shoes: all kinds including flip-flops, no singles - only pairs

12. Crayola Markers: all sizes and types

** Brown School does not collect batteries of any kind for recycling **
Please recycle the following in the large white container in the driveway going to the back of the school.
Bay State Flyer  
Bay State Items