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Dr. C. "West Is Best"

Thomas Jefferson once said that the cornerstone of our nation's democracy rests on an educated electorate. The vast majority of young Americans today will be educated in a public school most likely located in their neighborhood. Schools just like the kind we find here at the West Memorial Elementary School. That education starts at home and moves on to the elementary school. That is why our goal is to create "school-like families" and "family-like schools." We need to help parents create an environment at home that promotes their child's intellectual development and we need parents to help out in school and to send our kids the message that their literacy and education really are the most important things in their young lives. Public schools are one of the last public institutions that still maintain the greatest support, trust and involvement from the public. It's a place where we nurture, develop and support the intellectual growth of all of our children regardless of their background.

Personally, working for the parents and children of Peabody is an honor. I have spent many rewarding years helping young students as a classroom teacher and now as your school principal. As your school principal and curriculum leader I will work closely with our wonderful faculty to provide the highest quality education for our young learners. The Peabody public schools have begun some new and exciting teaching and learning initiatives. We are entering the the third year of our new Houghton/Harcourt Journey's Reading Program and this will be our second year implementing our new and very challenging Singapore Mathematics Curriculum.  These and other learning initiatives are happening at the same time as the introduction of the federal governments new Common Core Learning Standards.
This is a very exciting and challenging time indeed for teaching and learning in the  Peabody Public Schools! These and other teaching and learning curriculum initiatives are of the greatest priority for all of the faculty members at our school. Our staff are highly talented, educated, experienced and innovative. We encourage them to collaborate and work as a team, look at all types of student data, experiment, share their knowledge and lead. As a veteran elementary classroom teacher at heart I look forward to working with and helping the great teachers at the West Memorial Elementary School. Your child's academic success will always be our focus and shared goal.


Thank You & Go West!
Dr. Thomas P. Cornacchio
Last Modified on September 3, 2014