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School Based Health Center

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Open 7:00am-3:00pm Daily! (School Schedule)
 Carol Campigny Office Coordinator               4720               
 Allison Kilcoyne
 Program Manager, MS RN c-FNP, 
Family Nurse Practitioner
 Jessica Frost  LMHC, Behavioral Heath Provider 4721
 Laura MayerLICSW 4591 
Anna Berrian NP--- 

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 The Youth Advisory Council for the Student Health Center visited the statehouse to advocate for School Based Health Centers and health issues that were important to them.  Students shared their stories of struggles and resilience to aids in Rep. Speliotis' and the Govenor's office. We were moved to tears. They did an incredible job and  we are so proud! A special thank you to Mr. Collison for joining us and to the Peabody Education Foundation for funding the day!  

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