Open Enrollment Policy

  • File: JFBA
    Parent(s)/guardian may request the Superintendent of Schools to approve the transfer of individual students in the elementary schools under the following limited conditions:
    1. A request for the attendance of a pupil in a school other than one in the attendance district in which the pupil resides may be made to the Superintendent of Schools.
      The Superintendent of Schools will act upon this request in order of its receipt.
      The Superintendent of Schools will make response to the request in writing, with copies forwarded to the Principals of the school involved.
    2. Requests must be made annually and submitted by July 1for the following school year.
    3. Request will be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent.
    4. Parent(s)/guardians accept responsibility for transportation to the new school of attendance. No special transportation service or change in existing bus schedules will be authorized in support of a transfer.
    5. Subject to the limitations of the Federation contract the School Department may not withdraw approval during the same school year in which it was granted.
    Adopted: February 27, 2007