Locker Room/ PE Rules and Policies

-No Running/ Horseplay/ Fooling Around

-The first and last 5 minutes you are in the locker room are designated for you to:

Change clothes

Use the bathroom

Get a drink at the water fountain

-There will be no bathroom passes given out during activity time. Go the first or last 5 minutes while in the locker room

-Valuables such as, cell phones, money, jewelry, etc. must be locked up in lockers prior to entering the Gym for class.  No cell phones will be allowed in the Gym at any time during class.  

-If you are unable to participate in PE for any reason, you must have a note from a doctor or parent/guardian explaining why and for how long you will be unable to participate. Accommodations will be given to any student that can not participate, for example, the student may be going to the library during PE.

-Do not leave locker room until dismissed by Mr. Dullea, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Keene or Mrs. Wallace.

-Find a safe and comfortable place to change your clothes. The bathrooms may not be used for changing. You may come prepared for class with sneakers and appropriate clothing(no jeans).

-If you are missing something,( valuables, clothes) alert a PE teacher immediately. If someone is bothering you, tell a PE teacher immediately so it can be stopped.

No gum chewing allowed during PE class.


Proper clothing for PE:

Top: T shirt, Sweatshirt, Long sleeve shirt

Bottom: Shorts, Sweat pants, Warm up pants

Footwear: Sneakers

Not proper clothing for PE:

Top: Tank tops, Collared shirts

Bottom: Jeans, Cargo pants, Dress pants,

Footwear: Sandals, Boots

Sandals= No participation in activity and lose credit for being unprepared

Jeans= Participation in activity but lose credit for being unprepared

After 5th unprepared during semester= warning notice sent home