• Special Education Staff

Office Support Staff

Name Title Phone
Starcia Conville Special Education Accounts Clerk x 6064
Diane McCormick Case Coordinator Clerk x 6065
Mary Gigliello Case Coordinator Clerk x 6066
Lois Sasso Administrator's Clerk x 6061
Ruth Grube Administrator of Special Education x 6060

IEP Chairpersons

Name School Phone
Jean Kelly Carroll School, West School Therapeutic Program x 6080
Michelle Fine Higgins Middle School x 4949
Valerie Symrnios Peabody Veterans Memorial High School x 4526
Stacey Horvitz McCarthy School, Integrated Preschool @ McCarthy School, Milestones & Connection Programs @ Higgins Middle School x 6073
Amanda (Mandy) Dionne IEP Team Chairperson for Out of District Placements x 6062
Shannon Rowe Burke School, South School & Welch School x 6079
Shannon Crompton Center School & Brown School x 6081

School Psychologists

Name Schools Phone
Monica Bernell, Psy.D Community High School, Center School & West School x 4942
Julie Hirbour Preschool Program @ McCarthy & Welch School x 6077
Robert Gallant, Ph.D PVMHS x 4535
Lisa McNally Carroll, South, & Brown x 6074
Timothy Hynick, Psy.D Higgins Middle School x 4833
Stephen Stolfors Burke, McCarthy and Integrated Preschool @ McCarthy x 6078

School Adjustment Counselors

Name Schools Phone
Linda McCarthy Burke School, McCarthy School, Integrated Preschool Program @ McCarthy School x 6060
Kirsten Baleno West School Theraputic Program x 5903
Janis Melanson Higgins Middle School x 4895
Mirella Seccareccio Community High School x 4559
Ellen Manning Carroll School x 4246
Heather Steckel Crisis Counselor @ PVMHS x 4544
Jacqueline Marchetti Brown School x 4100
Christina Varinos Center School x5475
Kim Frank Choices Program @ Higgins Middle School, Peabody Learning Academy (PLA) x4800

Occupational Therapists

Name School Phone
Cathleen Bernardo South School, Brown School x 5757
Suzanne Santosuosso Preschool, McCarthy School x 5673
Cynthia Trainor Burke School, Center School, Carroll School, West School x 5500
Sharon McGrath Higgins/Post High School ACCESS Program x 4945
Evelyn Panias COTA x 5433
Holly Ranselbenh COTA at Higgins Middle School, PVMHS x 4526

Speech and Language Pathologists

Name School
Janet Terranova Carroll School
Suzanne Gross South School, Higgins Middle School
Karen Nathanson Burke School, McCarthy School
Maureen Connor Brown School
Kimra Fleming Center School
Kelly Knizak Brown School
Sandra Zimmerman Brown School
Michelle Fain Welch School, PVMHS
Catherine Geomelos West School
Candy Bolden Higgins Middle School
Mindi Pacheco Integrated PreSchool
Susan Robert Integrated PreSchool

Additional Services

Name Position Phone
Valerie Cote BCBA District Wide x 6086
Patricia McGovern Physical Therapist District Wide x 5673
Maria Caruso Adaptive Physical Education District Wide x 4955
Leslie Entwistle PVMHS Special Education Department Chairperson x 4582
Pamela Sudore Teacher of the Visually Impaired District Wide x 6083
Joan Ciampa Curriculum Technology Integration x 6070
Kathleen Nutter Teacher of the Hearing Impaired District Wide x 5676
Yuko Ryder BCBA District Wide x 6060

Integrated Preschool

Name Position Contact
Dorothy Apostolides Integrated Preschool/Special Education Teacher
Margaret Hammon Integrated Preschool/Special Education Teacher
Elexa Finn Integrated Preschool/Special Education Teacher
Maria Dunn-Coleman Integrated Preschool/Special Education Teacher
Peggy Soper Special Education Teacher
Susan Taylor Special Education Teacher
Amy Bozak Special Education Teacher
Donna Casaletto Special Education Teacher
Kristin Hutton-Fay Preschool Director x 5631

Elementary Resource/Inclusion Teachers

Name School
Deb Heuston Brown School
Kirsten Skowron Carroll School
Barbara Arsnow Carroll School
Maureen Merta South School
Cynthia Moore McCarthy School
Patricia MacDonald West School
Kathy Linton Burke School
Cindy Littlefield Welch School
Robin Grappi Welch School
Jacqueline Belanger McCarthy School
Doreen Reidy Center School
Janet Ryan James Center School
Jennifer Kuszmar Carroll School
Tory Boepple South School
Debra Murphy Carroll School
Kara Soteropoulos Brown School

Elementary Substantially Separate Classes

Name School
Deb Walsh Brown School Milestones Program
Jocelyn Maniatakes Brown School Milestones Program
Diane Broughton Brown School PDD/Autism Program
Erin Thorpe Brown School PDD/Autism Program
Rachel Yensz Brown School PDD/Autism Program
Devra Berquist Doyle Burke School Strides Program
Sharyn Abreu West School Therapeutic Program
Bonnie Chenette West School Therapeutic Program
Ellen Groot Carroll School Pathways Program
Emily Chimel Brown School Connections 2 Program
Maureen Lapham Viega Brown School Connections 1 Program
Aubrey Rice Burke School Strides Program
Keri Toler Brown School
Heather Roan Brown School

Higgins Middle School Special Eduation Teachers

Name Position
Caitlin Rush Special Education Teacher - Grade 6
Mary Valle Special Education Teacher -Grade 6
Dina Kalaitzidis Special Education Teacher - Grade 6
Emilie Whittier Special Education Teacher - Grade 7
Emily Krapish Special Education Teacher - Grade 7
Donna Cloney Special Education Teacher - Grade 7
Mary Beth Martens Special Education Teacher - Grade 8
Nicole Reardon Special Education Teacher - Grade 8
Kim Viens Special Education Teacher - PDD/Autism Program
Joanne Demild Special Education Teacher - Connections Program
Daniel Rego Special Education Reading Teacher
Sean Story Special Education Teacher - Grade 8
Jane Watson Special Education Teacher - Connections Program

PVMHS Special Education Teachers

Name Position
Tory Boepple Special Education Teacher - Life Skills Program
Crystal MacLarty Special Education Teacher
Dana Bonjorno Special Education Teacher
Jeanne Flynn Special Education Teacher
Joshua Fouser Special Education Teacher - Autism Program
Stephanie Nadeau Special Education Teacher
Paula Degregorio Special Education Teacher
Valerie Smyrnios IEP Team Chairperson
Leslie-Anne Entwistle Special Education Teacher & Special Education Department Chair
Joe O'Malley Special Education Teacher
Jessica Luque Special Education Teacher
Greg Shidler Special Education Teacher
Garrett Brown Special Education Teacher
Joe Patrone Special Education Teacher

Community High School Teachers

Name Position Contact
Kevin Canty Special Education Teacher x 4963
Craig Macarelli Community High School Program Administrator x 4554
Arin Christensen Special Education Teacher x 4961
Jocelyn Whitten Special Education Teacher x 4964
Matthew McKeon Special Education Teacher x 4959
Katherine DeSilva Special Education Teacher x 4962
Mirella Seccareccio School Adjustment Counselor x 4559
Monica Bernell, Ph.D. School Psychologist x 4564