School Board, Planning Committee

  • The Planning Committee was formed to identify areas of cost savings within the school department. Mayor Michael Bonfanti formed the Planning Committee to prepare for anticipated economic and budget challenges ahead.
    Planning Committee Members
    The current planning committee members were selected by the School Committee member Edward Charest, Chairman and Jarrod Hochman, Vice Chairman were appointed by Mayor Bonfanti.
    C. Milton Burnett, Ed. D., Resident, Superintendent of Schools
    Eileen Bresnahan, Resident, Transportation Supervisor
    Dave Cvinar, Resident, Service Consultant
    Kathy Covino, Resident, Teacher/Assistant Principal, West School
    Tim Eagar, Resident, Sales
    Adam Jorgenson, Resident, Project Manager/Engineer
    David Keniston, School Business Manager
    Deb Murphy, Resident, Kindergarten Coordinator
    Mike Ryan, Resident, Retired School Principal
    Roy Simoes, Resident, PMLP, Engineer
    The Planning Committee is made up of dedicated and talented individuals; many who are volunteers. Since the first meeting of the current Planning Committee on February 8, 2010, the Planning Committee has met 10 times. All meetings are open to the public and properly posted.
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    For more information or questions on the Planning Committee Redistricting and School Consolidation Report please contact: David Keniston, Peabody Public Schools