The Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires school districts to annually distribute school and district report cards to the parents/guardians of all children enrolled in district schools.  This page contains the links to the report cards for the Peabody Public School System.  These reports contain information about teacher quality, assessment, and accountability for our district and our schools.  These report cards are prepared by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) and contain all federally required elements.
    The two-page school report card overview provides a useful summary of the school's data, compares the school to schools serving similar grades in the district and in the state and can be easily understood by parents/guardians and other interested parties.
    The Report Card Overview contains school contact information as well as school and district accountability and assistance levels.  It reports MCAS achievement and growth data for the school, compared to similar schools in the district and the state.  The overview also contains data about the school itself, including enrollment, teachers and classrooms, attendance, discipline, and high school completion. 
    Both the Report Card Overview and the Complete Report Card for each school as well as the District Report are available for review on this website.  Copies of the report card are available in each school main office, city hall, and our public library.
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