• What is the Peabody ELL Book Club?

    Posted by: Francine M. Johnson
    What is the purpose?
    It's a place where we can meet to discuss professional readings that will enhance the instruction of English Language Learners acoss the district.  It is a place where we can share ideas and reflect on practices.
    Who can join?
    Anyone who is a staff member of the Peabody Public Schools is welcomed and invited to participate.
    Is attendance required at each meeting?
    This is a book club comprised of volunteer members.  You do not have to attend each and every meeting.  Come to the ones that fit into your schedule or the ones that suit your interest!
    Is there any kind of reward for participation?
    Professional Development Points (PDPs) will be awarded by the district to those who participate.
    Who is bringing the food and beverages?
    Please bring your own snacks and beverages to the meeting.
    Where does the ELL Book Club meet?
    We will meet at the Kiley building at 3:30 so that everyone can make it.
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