General Technology Policies

    Computers Per Classroom
    In order to maintain support for all technology in the district with a relatively small staff, any classroom (not including labs) will be fitted with 3 computers. One computer (either a laptop or desktop) will be designated for the teacher and 2 computers for students. This way we can keep the number of good working desktops to a higher standard since we will have more time to repair the working equipment and will have less to replace when the current models become obsolete. If your classroom currently has more that 3 computers, you may keep them, however if one becomes non functional, it will be removed and will not be replaced. 
    Equipment From Home
    As a general rule it is not a good idea to bring in equipment from home. Most of the computers in the district do not have administrative rights and therefore hardware like printers or cameras and other software will not be able to be installed. Also, if anything goes wrong with the equipment, the technology department  will not support it.
    Local Printing
    To  cut down the very high costs paper and toner, having local printers in classrooms is something we are trying to get away from. If you currently have a personal school owned printer in your room and it ceases to function, the computers will most likely be routed to a network printer. In every building there are lab printers and big copy machines that can be used as network printers for the entire school. Additionally, at larger buildings (ie. Carroll and Brown) there are printers scattered around the floors to make printing more convenient. Color printing should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. 
    Laptops During Summer
    In order for the technology department to inventory and update the laptops owned by the school, laptops will need to be turned in at the end of every school year for summer break. If you are a year round employee, we will make arrangements to do this as quickly as possible to get them back to you.
    Computers Over Breaks
    While teachers do not come in during school breaks, the technology department gets its most important work done during these times. Whenever you leave for a break, please make sure that all of the data you need it backed up on either Google Drive, your H: drive or an external device (ie USB drive). Often times, we use breaks to update the computers and this will wipe any data off the computers that is on it. Also, specifically during the summer, the custodians move all of the computers out of the rooms and if any are damaged it could result in data loss. 
    Call The Helpdesk For Issues
    When someone from the technology department enters a building, that person already has a list of things they need to do and have brought the tools needed for these tasks. Stopping someone in a hall for a problem will slow down progress and the tech may not have what he needs to help Any ways. Calling the helpdesk causes a ticket to be created in our system so we can log our work and have a reference in case an issue comes up again. Also, please do not tell your tech facilitator or the school secretary about issues for them to call in. We would like to hear from the person who is having the issue so our information isn't second hand. 
    Accepting Donations
    While donations may seem like a good idea when considering people want to give you free equipment, the first question that should be come up is why do they want to get rid of it? Donations are often times old technology that a company doesn't want to pay to throw away so they give them to a school system that will take anything. This is why it is important to put anyone who wants to donate in contact with the technology department. You should never accept a donation yourself as the hardware may not even be compatible with our current setup. Always put the person in contact with the technology department by either giving them our phone number or email address.