• Supplement, Not Supplant

    The Peabody Public School District will use Federal Title I funds for supplementary services to “at risk” students in qualifying Title I schools. Title I funds will not take the place of -supplant- public education services that are to be provided to all students by the district.

    Title I services are determined through a Needs Assessment given to Parents, Teachers and Administrators as well as the academic weaknesses determined from careful review and analysis of State Testing. Services may vary annually based on the specific needs of each school receiving Title I funds. Title I services can take a variety of forms including:

    • Pre-school
    • Inclusion

    • Small group pull-out

    • After school programs

    Students are identified for Title I services based on Selection Criterion established by the Title I Director, Title I Teachers, Classroom Teachers and School administrators. The students are chosen by rank order allowing for the students most at risk to receive services.