• Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

    On this page of the RIF Website, visitors can conduct a search to find literacy-related activities. Individuals can search for activities based on the skill they want to help children reinforce--vocabulary, the alphabet, and writing, to name a few--and the age of the children, ranging from 0-4 years through 13 years-old and older.

    Utah State University National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

    This interactive Website contains many online activities that can help Pre-K to grade 12 students reinforce many of the math skills they are learning and being tested on in school. Activities include: developing spatial awareness using online tangrams; gaining practice in problem-solving; sorting attribute blocks; measuring; reinforcing place value using the site's online base-ten blocks; and much more. Visitors should click "search" (without typing anything in the search box) to get a listing of all the math skills practice this Website offers.

    Please Note: It is recommended that before adults visit any Website with students that they independently examine the site for content. In rare cases, domain names are sold (without notice) to questionable enterprises.

    This information was obtained through the Title I Dissemination Project, Inc.