• Response to Intervention

    All Title I Schools are committed to implementing all core principals of RTI

    • We can (and must) effectively teach all children
    • Intervene early
    • Use a multi-tier model of service delivery
    • Use a problem-solving methodology
    • Use research-based, scientifically validated interventions/instruction
    • Monitor student progress to inform instruction
    • Use data to make decisions
    • Use assessments for three different purposes: (1) screening; (2) diagnostics; and (3) progress monitoring

    Under RTI, if a student is found to be performing well below peers, the school will:

    1. Estimate the academic skill gap between the student and typically performing peers

    2. Determine the likely reason(s) for the student’s depressed academic performance

    3. Select a scientifically based intervention likely to improve the student's academic functioning and create a personal literacy plan designed to meet needs.

    4. Monitor academic progress frequently to evaluate the impact of the intervention

    5. If the student fails to respond to several well-implemented interventions, consider a referral to Special Education