Assistive Technology Resources

    The  Assistive Technology page contains information about equipment, adaptive devices and computer software and hardware that can help students with disabilities independently complete everyday tasks and school assignments.

    Low Technology tools that include specialized pencil grips, markers, easy to grip rulers, talking calculators, hand-held spell checkers.

    Microsoft Office XP can be set to read as a student types.  This helps with proofreading.  It is available on all computers in Peabody.
    The following tools are available through the Special Education Office at the Kiley School for use with students.
    Tools to Assist in Writing
    Kidspiration is a software program designed for elementary students.  It is a visual learning tool that helps young students to organize their ideas.  The program includes a text reader that reads back what the student has written and pictures to aid students in representing their great ideas.  This program is available at all Peabody elementary schools.
    Inspiration is a software program designed for upper elementary through high school students.  Students build graphic organizers and outlines to represent concepts and relationships for writing across all curriculum areas.  The graphic organizer can become an outline with one click.  Inspiration has a text reader feature.  It is available in all schools in Peabody.
     Write OutLoud is a talking word processor for students who struggle with writing.  It has a talking spell checker.  Any text can be copied and pasted into the program and read aloud by the computer.  It is available through the Special Education Office.
    Co-Writer is a linguistic word prediction program that can be used with any word processor as a writing intervention program for students with limited spelling and vocabulary skills that interfere with written expression.  The program predicts words with the correct grammar and spelling and reads the words to the student.  It is available through the Special Education Office.
    Writing with Symbols is a talking word processor that matches symbols to words to help students increase comprehension and fluency.
    AlphaSmart is a portable word processor with a full size keyboard and text editing capabilities.  Students can word process, save, and print from these battery operated keyboards.  There is a built in typing program and some Alphasmarts contain the Co-Writer software.  They are available through the Special Education Office.  Click this link for tips for using an AlphaSmart.
    Microsoft Offce can be set to read as a student types.  This helps with proofreading.  It is available on all computers in Peabody.
    Specialized computer input devices
     Trackball with Switch Interface
     Big Keys Querty layout  
    Big Keys Querty
     Big Keys ABC layout
    Big Keys ABC
     My Board all lower case
    My Board

     Tools to Assist in Reading
    Students reading  
    Digitized Text is available from Learning Ally.  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has provided Peabody with a free membership.   Teachers and students can order textbooks and outside reading materials by contacting Joan Ciampa at the Kiley School extension 6070 or ciampaj@peabody.k12.ma.us.  The title, author, isbn, and publisher are required to be sure that the correct book is ordered.
    Digitized text is also available through Bookshare.  Students can obtain their own  free membership.  Contact Joan Ciampa at extension 6070 for assistance. 
    S.P.I.R.E.  is available at all elementary schools.  It is a comprehensive and multisensory reading intervention program designed to prevent reading failure and to build reading success through an intensive, structured, and spiraling curriculum. It integrates phonological awareness, phonics, handwriting, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension  specifically designed for the way struggling readers learn.
    Lexia   is a research-based computer program for students to acquire foundational reading skills.  It is available at the Carroll, West, Burke, South, Center, and Welch schools.  
    Read Naturally Software Edition is a software program available at the Carroll School and the Higgins Middle School.  It is designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension.
    Tools to Assist in Communication
    Boardmaker is  a software program that has over 3000 symbols to use in making communication boards, posters, calendars, labels and interactive sheets.  This software is used to create overlays for VOCAs.
    Communication books are created using Boardmaker.  There are a variety of styles and sizes available.
    Speaking Dynamically Pro links with Boardmaker to become a dynamic screen communication software.  it allows use of the computer as a speech output device.
    Electronic speaking Devices and Communication Devices which allow the non-verbal or speech impaired user to "play" words or phrases pre-recorded by others.
     pocket gotalker  hiptalker  protalker Dynavox  
     7 level communicator  button communicator  put around communicators
    super size communicator