Mr. LaFratta

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Stingrays Cluster, Room 19


            Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mr. LaFratta and I am the current social studies teacher for the Stingrays cluster. I have grown up in Peabody, attended the Peabody public schools (including the Higgins), and even reside in this great city.  Being able to return to the Higgins Middle School as a teacher of social studies, a subject in which I am extremely passionate about, is indeed an honor and privilege.  In order to be where I am today, I majored in both the fields of history and education while attaining my bachelor’s degree from Salem State University.  I believe that the Peabody public school system did an excellent job in preparing me for the road ahead and I want to make sure that the new students entering the Higgins will one day leave with the same feelings of satisfaction and gratification that I was fortunate to experience.  (Oh and yes, I am related to Mr. LaFratta of the seventh grade Lions cluster.)