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               Rights of English Language Learners (SPANISH)

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Adult ESL Classes: 

You have the right:

  • To visit your child’s classroom and to examine your child’s school records. Simply contact the school to arrange for any visits. The school will be happy to arrange for an interpreter for conferences, meetings, and other events, as needed.

  • To access school information in a language you understand. You and your child have a right to receive counseling in a language you understand.
  • To an interpreter to understand the middle and high school course selection handbooks. This person will interpret for a school counselor who will explain the course offerings and schedule recommendations to you.
  • To withdraw your child from the program at any time. You also have the right to request a Waiver for some other type of language support for your child rather than sheltered English immersion instruction. Please contact your child’s ELL program teacher for further information.


: Parents have the right to request and sign a waiver stating that they prefer their children receive instruction in the native language. If 20 or more parents sign the waivers from the same language group, then the state law requires that the school district provide instruction in the students’ native language (content instruction in both English/native languages).