Q.  Does my child have to change clothes for PE?    
A.  The students can either bring a change of clothes to change into or they can arrive prepared to class (sweatpants, shirts, t-shirt, sneakers).
Q.  What days does my child have PE during the week?
A.  Please check the school calendar for what day it is in the rotating 5 day schedule and your child's schedule for which days he/she has PE. Each student has set PE days and times throughout the 5 day rotating schedule. It is not always on the same day of the week or the same time each day.
Q.  What is offered for extra-curricular activities?     
A.  There will be an after school intramural calender posted on this site. The activities vary seasonally (basketball, handball, volleyball, etc).  Students come down to the gym on their assigned intramural day once walkers are called and will be dismissed in time for late busses. We are not affiliated with any of the travel teams or recreational teams sponsored by the school or city.
Q.  How do you grade the student?  
A.  Students are graded on their effort, participation, skill level, preparedness for class, and sportsmanship. Students will receive grades at the end of the first semester and the end of the school year. Grades are determined by a rubric set for each individual unit. The grades received are H-Honors, S-Satisfactory, N-Needs Improvement, U- Unsatisfactory. A grade of N or U will keep your student off the honor roll.