• Health Services
    Nurses are present during all school hours.

    All new registrants into the district have to provide this documentation prior to entering school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 76, Section 15.
    Kindergarten = 5 doses DTaP/DTP; 4 doses Polio vaccine; 2 doses of MMR vaccine; 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine and 2 doses of Varicella vaccine or a physician certified reliable history of chickenpox disease. As well as, a lead screening. 
    7th grade = 2 doses of MMR vaccine; 2 doses of Varicella vaccine or a physician certified reliable history of chickenpox disease; 1 booster dose of Tdap prior to entry into 7th grade.

    Medication Information and Forms
    Dear Parent/Guardian,
    We would like to inform you of the policies in place to ensure the health and safety of children who require medication during the school day.  It is the policy of Peabody Public Schools to administer medication during the school hours only when necessary.  The following forms must be on file in your child's health record before we begin to give any medication at school.
     1. Signed consent by the parent or guardian.  Please download and complete the consent form and give it your school nurse.  This is the only form necessary for the following over-the-counter medications:  acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacid (e.g. Tums,  Maalox), non-prescription eye drops, Excedrin Migraine or generic brand (grades 6-12 only).  Midol or generic brand (grades 6-12 only), non-prescription saline-based nasal spray (e.g. Ocean) and cough drops.  This form is also necessary for prescription medicine, along with a doctor's order.

    Over-the-Counter Medication Administration

    Prescription Medication Administration

    2.  Signed medication order. The medication order form should be taken to your child's licensed prescriber (your child's physician, nurse practitioner, etc.)  for completion and be returned to the school nurse.  This order must be renewed with any changes in medication during the school year and also, at the beginning of each academic year.  This form is necessary for prescription medication, such as, daily scheduled medications, epipens, and inhalers.

    Medication Order

    Medication should be delivered to the school in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container by you or a responsible adult whom you designate.  Please ask your pharmacy to provide bottles for school and home.  No more than a thirty-day supply of the medicine should be delivered to the school.

    When your child needs medicine during school, please act quickly to follow these policies so we may begin to give the medicine as soon as possible.  Thank you for your attention to this important matter. 
    City of Peabody Department of Human Services, 24 Lowell Street, Peabody, Ma. 01960
    978.536.5930    Fax: 978.538.5990


  • Nurse Leader, City of Peabody
    Brenda Wolff, RN

    Brown School

    Tracy Connolly, RN

    Burke School
    Ann Jwanowski, RN
    Katie Patriquin, RN

    Center School
    Stacey Laro, RN

    Carroll School
    Laureen Martinho-Costa, RN

    Higgins Middle School
    Julia Bishop, RN
    Mia Davekos, RN

    McCarthy School
    Nancy Howland, RN 

    Debbie Compiano, RN
    Donna Guarente, RN

    South School
    Shayna Dana, RN

    Welch School
    Cathy Millard, RN

    West School
    Lisa McGoldrick, RN