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    South School Kindergarten Teachers:

    -Ms. D’Amato

    -Mrs. Donovan

    -Mrs. Ramstine

    There are 3 kindergarten classrooms.  Each classroom will have 1 teacher and 1 part time paraprofessional.


    Kindergarten Screening Dates:  

    9/3, 9/4, 9/5

    You will receive further information about this.  This is not a full school day for your child.


    First Day of School Kindergarten:

      September 6, 2013

    Classroom Assignments are posted on 9/5 after 3:00pm.

    Arrival: 8:50am

    Dismissal: 2:55pm


    Students Line Up:

    Students will line up by grade and be escorted into school by a staff member when the bell rings.


    Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    In the morning school faculty supervision begins at 8:50am, and students should not arrive before then.


    Bus Students: will be dropped off at the front of the building and proceed directly into school, accompanied by staff members.


    Walkers: will enter the back playground from Wilton Street, Cashman Road gate or the side driveway of the School.

    Dismissal Schedule:

    All walkers will be dismissed from the green doors in the back of the school.

    -Kindergarten and Grade 1 will exit the Wilton Street door.

    -Grades 3, 4, and 5 will exit the Cashman Street Back door.


    Lunch: 11:15-11:40

    Recess: 11:40-12:00

    Quiet Time: 12:00-12:15

    Snack: Between 1:30 and 2


    Specials: Art, Music, Gym, Health, Library and Computer

    The students will have these once a week.


    Important Notes from our Nurse: Before the first day of school all incoming kindergarten students must have on file in the nurse’s office:

    1.  Updated Immunization Record which must include the following required vaccines:

       5 Doses of DTap

       4 Doses of Polio

       3 Doses of Hep B

       2 Doses of MMR

       2 Doses of Varicella

    2.  Physical within the last year.

    3.  Any other pertinent health information.

    4.  Feel free to call at any time 978.536.5705.