The McCarthy School has Nut-Free Classrooms

    Several students at the McCarthy School have severe and potentially life-threatening allergies to peanuts and nut products. We have a legal and ethical obligation to follow their physician’s recommendations to safeguard their health. The McCarthy School is not a completely nut-free school. There are nut-free classrooms where no nut products of any kind are allowed into the classroom.

    The following classrooms have been designated nut-free for the 2013-2014 school year: Pre-School,Kindergarten (Both Classes), Ms. Emery Grade 2 Room 106, Ms. Capozzi Grade 3Room 203, and Ms. Clouser Grade 5 Room 206.  All nut-free classrooms have are identified by the picture which is posted on their classroom door. There is also a designated nut-free table in the cafeteria during lunch.

    What if my child is placed in a nut-free classroom?   There are several guidelines that need to befollowed at all times: Students in nut-free classroom are NOT allowed to bring peanut or nut products into class at all.  Peanut/nut products are never consumed in the nut-free classroom. Snacks must be peanut/nut-free snacks.  Snacks should come pre-packaged so that ingredients are clearly listed for the teacher or nurse to read. If you sendyour child in with a baggy of chips, cereal, or other items that have been taken from the original box, it is impossible for the school to determine if the food item may contain nuts. Therefore, all snacks must be in their original packages. Some examples of nut-free snacks are: yogurt, canned fruit cups,pudding, vegetables, string cheese and fresh fruit.  No homemade baked goods are allowed forclassroom birthday parties. This means no cupcakes or other items made at home.  If you have store bought cupcakes or the like with a clearly marked food label the school nurse or administration will be able to make absolutely certain that there have been no peanut/nut free products used in the preparation of the item and let you know if the product is acceptable.

     What are the rules for peanut/nut consumption in the cafeteria? THESE RULES APPLY FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL POPULATION REGARDLESS IF YOURCHILD IS IN A NUT-FREE CLASSROOM.The McCarthy School cafeteria does not serve any peanut/nut products.  There is a peanut/nut-free table in thecafeteria. Students with nut allergies sit at this table. Any child who purchases a school lunch may also sit at this table. NO students bringing lunchfrom home may sit at the peanut-free table. The peanut-free tables and all other tables are washed down with a disinfectant solution after each lunch.