• A Higgins Middle School Place Based Service Learning Project   
    celebrating the history of the area of the mall in Peabody.

    The Northshore Mall is a centralized, high-traffic area for learning about Peabody's history. As many populations visit and walk the mall, we have a tremendous opportunity to educate the community about Peabody through the lens of the site where the mall was built.

    In connection, the mall serves as a daily indoor walking space; this project will create a walking circuit with historical panel stops marking distance along the "trail."  Historical markers will highlight different eras of Peabody's history at the site with QR code links to student-produced, interactive elements.  Therefore, this interpretive history project will support history education, school-local business partnership, physical fitness and pride for our community.

    Our project focuses attention on a piece of land considered as a shopping destination and not looked at as an important part of our historical fabric.  The mall and surrounding lands will be our classroom and museum space to explore and research.

    Students will collaborate in teams and use his/her voice to publish work on a project website.  The students’ webpages will be accessed at the Mall via QR code displays.  All QR code displays will be available in Portuguese and Spanish as well as English. A brochure about the project will also be prepared based on student work.

    Peabody Mall Walk: Part 1 - 2015