• FAQs Gr 6
       How will my student know how to navigate his/her way around the middle school?
          There are several ways students will transition to the middle school.
      First, students are visited by the principal during their 5th grade year at their elementary school for 
    a brief exposure to the principal and  guidance counselor.
     Then a parent orientation is offered tentatively in May.  Parents tour the school and ask questions as needed. 
      Next, students take a field trip the the middle school with their 5th grade teachers for a presentation and
    tour around the school prior to their 5th grade year ending. 
      During the summer of the 5th to 6th grade year,an orientation summer school program is offered for incoming Grade 6 students.
      Finally, on the weekend prior to school starting the middle school hosts a celebration of beginning our school
    year called the "Extravaganza".  This offers still another opportunity for students to walk through the school and
    visit their 6th grade cluster. 
    How will my student learn how to get to their classes? 
      Students line up by the exploratory class they are going to attend and the teacher walks them to the correct room. 
    With so many classes and teachers how can I be aware of my student's grades? 
      Please sign up for the parent portal.  https://www.mms750.org/MMSGB/default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fMMSGB%2fparent
    How will I keep in touch with my student's teachers?
      Parents are encouraged to take advantage of back to school night and parent visitation day and night.
      Parents can request a cluster meeting to meet with the teacher/s in their student's assigned cluster.
      All teachers have an email and voice mail available on the teacher website link. See staff listings.
    How are clusters chosen? 
    Students are placed so that there are an equal amount of all learning styles in every cluster.