Local History Resources
by S. M. Smoller

Before Peabody Was Peabody

Peabody School History Project

About the George Peabody Medal

George Peabody Merit Medal Winners

Almanac of Historical and Every Day Events
Peabody, Massachusetts
1 8 5 0  –  1 9 9 9

Gideon Foster Chocolatiers

 Peabody Poems

Local Legends

Mr. P - A Newspaper Account of George Peabody and His Hometown

Sara Torigian

 Peabody Veterans

Peabody Independence Greenway

Leslie's Retreat

Peabody Math Trail I: The Higgins Neighborhood

Peabody Math Trail II: Industrial

Peabody Math Trail III: Municipal

Where and What is Eagle Corner?

Scrooge for Mayor 

South Danvers Wizard 1864