• Mrs. Lacey Becotte, Principal, John E. Burke School  
    Dear Burke School Families,
    It is with great excitement that we begin the 2015 and 2016 school year!  We begin the school year rested and ready to re-engage in the important work of learning.  The Burke School is a place that recognizes and cherishes the uniqueness of each member of our community.  We are a school that prides itself on the belief that learning is a process and that we do our best learning when we share what we know, what we want to know, and what is hard for each of us.  Together with our Burke School families we take on the important task of ensuring that every child here at the Burke feels successful and connected. 
    This year we have many new and exciting initiatives for students  in the areas of writing, reading, and technology.  In reading we will focus on a collaborative approach to literacy in which teachers at each grade level will work as a team to provide small group literacy instruction supported by our reading specialist.  In writing we will engage students in a daily writing prompt immediately following lunch that will focus on building oral language, vocabulary and increasing writing stamina.  
    With the help of the PTO we have purchased Chromecarts that will allow teachers to bring the computer lab to their classrooms.  We have a Chromecart for the upstairs and the downstairs.    Each grade level will be equipped with an interactive white board system that grade level teachers will share in this pilot year.  Teachers will be receiving training in these systems in the fall and they should be well utilized in classrooms by December.  In addition, classrooms are becoming equipped with listening centers that will allow us to provide students with more opportunities to improve reading fluency through listening to text.
    We are excited to welcome back students on Monday, August 31st for an exciting year!
    Mrs. Becotte