• p Parent/Teacher Communicationspp

    1. Each fall the Burke School will host a Parent Orientation evening that allows parents to hear from the Principal (Mrs. Becotte) and then proceed to classrooms to hear about curriculum and classroom routines from the classroom teacher.  
    2. Standards Based Report cards are sent home three (3) times a year, in December, March, and June. Progress reports may be sent home between these marking periods to alert you to a problem area.  It is important that parents remember that all skills listed on their child's report card are skills we expect students to accomplish by the end of the year.  We expect students to develop the skills listed over the course of the school year.  
    3. If you would like to talk to a teacher at any time during the year, write a note, email or call the school ahead of time to request a conference; teachers will do their best to schedule these at times that are mutually agreeable.   
    4. Teacher email address are listed within the staff directory portion of this website.  Please note that teachers are instructed to use email with caution.  Teachers will use email to schedule meetings, but are instructed to schedule conferences or have phone conversations if the teacher feels that the topic being discussed or brought to his/her attention via email is an issue that should remain confidential.
    5. Parent/teacher conference days will be scheduled for each school year.  Classroom teachers will send home a sign up form for each student.  Upon receipt of the sign up form, please complete it and return it to the school promptly.  
    6. We need your help and cooperation in order to provide quality, uninterrupted teaching time for all students; and in order to insure the safety of all present in the building during the school day.  

    Please note the following guidelines:

    1. Students should be in attendance and on time to school to avoid interruptions to their learning.  In the event of chronic tardiness or absences you will be contacted by Mrs. Becotte and/or a truancy officer.  
    2. When coming to the school during school hours, the main door will be locked.  Please press the button to the right of the doors and you will be buzzed into the building.
    3. Upon entering the building, please sign in at the office before going anywhere in the building. Under NO circumstances are visitors to go anywhere without a pass or badge to identify you to all students and staff that you are an approved visitor.
    4. You should not expect to see a teacher without a scheduled appointment.  If you arrive without an appointment, the classroom teacher will be contacted to determine if it is convenient for the teacher to see you or if another time needs to be made.  Please do NOT approach staff in the school yard, hallways, etc. expecting to have a discussion in regards to your child.  It is always our priority to maintain student confidentiality and having these discussions puts confidentiality at risk.   Should you approach a teacher, they are instructed to refer you to the office to have you follow the above directions.
    5. Leave items or messages for students in the office labeled with your child's name and teacher.  The student will come down to pick them up.
    6. We value strong communication between home and school and expect this communication to be respectful and polite.    If a conversation/meeting deteriorates and becomes loud, abusive or profane; the staff has been instructed to end the conversation.  The office may be called by a staff member if help is needed.  An appointment for a later date with a third party present will be made if the matter that caused the disagreement is not resolved.  A third party may also be requested for any meeting in the event that a teacher or parent feels necessary.
    7. If a meeting or conversation becomes loud, abusive or profane on multiple ocassions one or more of the following may occur:
      1.   A letter of warning will be sent to the offending person.
      2.   A complaint may be filed with the police if the incident is repeated.
      3.   The police may be called in the event of any physical aggression or threats, verbal or written.
      4.   A stay away order or no trespass order may be requested.

    We are confident that we can count on all who visit our school to cooperate and make sure that we maintain a safe and respectful environment for everyone.