• History of PVMHS Athletics


    Peabody Veterans Memorial High School (PVMHS) athletic programs date back to early 1890 when Peabody played and defeated Salem High School in football by the score of 6 – 4.


    Prior to 1969, the school’s sports offerings for boys were limited to football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, golf and track.  The girls’ sports offerings consisted of basketball and softball.


    In 1969, the athletic program as we know it now began to offer more sports for both male and female athletes.  Our current program offers sixteen sport offerings to both males and females with over one thousand participants in fifty-seven programs of competition at different levels - varsity, junior varsity and freshmen.


    The athletic tradition at Peabody High School runs long and deep.  Athletes and teams from Peabody High School continue to have a great deal of success. Last year our athlete’s won three North Shore Student Athlete of the Month awards, North Shore Female Student Athlete of the Year, the Wendy’s Heisman Trophy Award, three MIAA Team Academic Awards and thirteen league titles.


    Code of Ethics for Athletes

    Players will be aware of, understand, and honor the commitment that they and their parents have made to their teammates, coaches and league.


    • I will respect and cooperate with my coaches, officials, teammates, opponents and parents.
    • I will respect school, team and MIAA rules regarding tobacco products, alcohol and drugs.
    • I will not “trash talk”, taunt, or treat opponents with disrespect.
    • I will respect equipment and playing facilities.
    • I will behave properly while in transit and while visiting opponents’ facilities.
    • I will behave in school as I would on the field in order to be a good ambassador for athletics.


    Code of Ethics for Parents/Guardians


    • I will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, officials and spectators.
    • I will not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach or player.
    • I will demand that my son/daughter treat other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect.
    • I will praise my child for competing hard and fairly.
    • I will support a sports environment for my son/daughter that is free from tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
    • I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during the games.
    • I will learn the rules of the game and policies of the school and league.


    Description of Programs &Requirements for Athletic Participation

    The material in this handbook is designed to explain Peabody High School’s Athletic Department’s policies and procedures.  The information is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the school’s and state association’s philosophy,goals and procedures.


    Participation on an athletic team can be a rewarding educational experience.  It is important that students realize the time demands, responsibility, dedication and sacrifices required when making this commitment. Student-athletes should be aware that league mandated contests occur during all vacation periods each year.  It is expected that student-athletes will honor their commitment to their teammates, coaches and fans during vacation time.


    Program Goals

    Emphasis is on the development of basic skills, appropriate attitudes, values and team concepts.  Participation at the varsity level is generally limited to the highly skilled players and those with the ability to interact with other players for team success. Assessment will be made by the coach relative to the level of play, (V,JV, Fr), most beneficial to the development and progress of each player.  It should be understood that playing time could be limited by the strategy of the game and certain conditions.

    To allow as many students as possible to participate and share the experience and benefits derived from team membership.

    To compete successfully with Northeastern Conference and non-league opponents, and with teams or individuals of a similar division in state competition.


    Games/Practice Sessions

    Student athletes have made a commitment to be at all practice sessions, contests and team meetings. Any team member who must be late, or miss practice, games or meetings must confer with their coach.  Absences may jeopardize retaining a position on the team.  This includes extended trips during vacation.

    Practices are held daily for approximately 2-1/2 hours, or as appropriate to the activity.  Some practices may be held on weekends.  No official practice may be held without a PVMHS coaching staff member present.


    Program of Activities

    Fall Season                              Winter Season                                      Spring Season

    Cross Country                           Basketball(B/G)(V,JV,Fr)                                   Baseball (V,JV,Fr)

    Field Hockey (V,JV,Fr)              Gymnastics(V,JV)                                Outdoor Track (B/G)(V,JV,Fr)

    Football(V,JV,Fr)                      Ice Hockey(B-V, JV)(G-V)                     Lacrosse(B/G) (V,JV,Fr)

    Soccer(B/G) (V,JV,Fr)               Indoor Track(B/G) (V,JV,Fr)                   Softball(V,JV,Fr)

    Volleyball(V,JV,Fr)                   Swimming(Co-ed)                                 Tennis(B/G) (V)

    Golf(Coed) (V)                         Cheerleading(basketball/hockey)          



    Starting Dates

    Fall Season:     August 23, 2007 (exception:football, August 20, 2007)

    Winter Season: Monday after Thanksgiving

    Spring Season:            Third Monday in March

    Conclusion of the season is defined to include participation through the last MIAA sponsored tournament or event.


    Team Tryouts/Selection

                During the tryout period, each coach will provide an explanation of his/her expectations.   It is the duty of the student to demonstrate to the coach that he/she can fulfill these expectations.

                If a student is not selected for a team, they may contact the coach personally for an explanation.  Students not selected are encouraged to explore other sport opportunities.

                The coaching staff of each sport has the sole responsibility to selecting the members of the team, determining the level of play most beneficial to the development of each player and the amount of playing time.  Player concerns should be addressed first between the player and coach.  IF a significant resolution is not resolved,parents should plan a meeting with the coach. If a resolution is not reached between athlete, parent and coach, the matter may be presented to the Athletic Director.


    Athletic Participation Warning

                Although most athletic injuries are usually minor, serious injury, including permanent paralysis or death may occur.


    School Insurance/Injuries

    The school provides secondary health insurance coverage for all student/athletes injured during the season. The insurance plan takes up where family insurance leaves off.  ALL CLAIM FORMS MUST BE FILED WITH THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR WITHIN 90 DAYS OF INJURY.  This is a policy provision.  DO NOT FORFEIT BY INCOMPLETE INFORMATION OR DELAY.  Be aware, as with most insurance policies there are limits to the coverage. Claim forms are available through the athletic trainer and the athletic office.   

    Rules and Regulations for all Athletes

    All candidates must meet the following five requirements prior to attending any tryout or practice session.


    1.     Rule 56:  Student Eligibility: Physical Examinations

    56.1 All students must pass a physical examination within 13 months of the start of the season.  Students who meet this criteria at the start of the season will remain eligible for that season registered.  A sports Physical terminates 395 days subsequent to administering and must be renewed immediately(should an athlete be “in season”) to maintain eligibility.  Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered Physician, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.   (Physical exams are offered prior to each season, date, time and location to be announced.)  A written copy must be provided.


    PENALTY: A student in violation shall be suspended for the number of contests in which he/she participated without a proper physical.       


    2.     Parental Permission:

    An athlete must submit a complete, signed parent’s permission form prior to his/her first practice session. This form must be completed for each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) of participation.


    3.     Rule 58:  Academic Eligibility: 

    A student must secure, during the last marking period preceding the contest, a passing grade in the equivalent of four major subjects.  To satisfy this requirement, a student must have passed sufficient courses so as to be earning for that marking period credits totaling the equivalent of four one year major English courses.  To be eligible for the fall marking period, students are required to have earned credits for the previous academic year equivalent to four one year major English courses.  The academic eligibility of all studentsshall be considered as official and determining only on the date when reportcards for that marking period have been issued to the parents of allstudents.  Incomplete grades may not becounted toward eligibility.  (Secondquarter marks and not semester grades determine third quartereligibility.)  In addition, students whofail or receive a medical excuse in Physical Education will be declaredineligible for that marking period (local policy). 


    4.     Rule 60:  Student Eligibility: Age

    A student shall be under 19 years of age, but may compete duringthe remainder of the school year, provided that his/her 19thbirthday occurs on or after September 1st of that year.  For freshmen    competition, a student shall be under 16years of age but may compete during the remainder of the school year providedthat the sixteenth birthday occurs on or after September 1st of thatyear. 


    5.     Athletic Participation Fee:

    The Peabody School Committee has established a participation feefor students participating in the

    high school athletic program. Participation fees will provide the supplementary funds required tomaintain the athletic programs currently provided and will assist in avoidingthe necessity of eliminating any sport programs.  The fee established is $150.00 per studentper sport with a family cap of $300.00 per year.  Check or money order should be made payableto the Peabody High School Athletic Revolving Account.  Cash cannot be accepted.  All fees will be collected prior to the firstcontest of each season at the Parent/Athlete/Coaches Meeting.


    No student will be denied the opportunity to play due to financialhardship.  Families may apply for awaiver of the athletic fees by filing a Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Form,which is provided in all student-athlete Participation Fee packets.  Federal guidelines will be used to determineeligibility for waiver of athletic fees.


    Established practice and procedures regardingan athlete’s participation in a sport remain unchanged.  Playing time of each participant isprerogative of the coaching staff.  Thereis no assurance that each squad member will receive equal playing time.


            6.  Rule 57: Student Eligibility: Transfer Students


    57.1       A student who transfers from any school to an MIAA member highschool is ineligible to

     participate any interscholastic athletic contestat any level for a period of one year in all

     sports in which that student participated at thevarsity level or its equivalent during the one-

    year period immediately preceding the transfer. For the purpose ofthis rule, no transfer will be deemed to have taken place if a student returnsto his/her former school on or before the eleventh day from the date of lastattendance there.


    57.2        “Varsity participation” isdefined as any appearance, as a competitor, in a varsity inter-school contestother than a scrimmage.   The“equivalent” will be judged by the MIAA executive staff on the basis of thequality of non-school sport program participation.


    57.3        Before a transfer studentcan be certified as eligible in a specific sport within the year of his/hertransfer, the sending school principal, athletic director must certify on Form100 or Form 200 by signature that the student did not participate at thevarsity level or on a non-school team (see rule 57.2)  during the year prior to the actual transfer.


    57.3.1   If it is later determined that the sending school falsely orerroneously certified eligibility, then the sending school will be subject tominimally a letter of censure, copies of which will be mailed to the schoolcommittee, superintendent, principal, athletic director, and reported on theMIAA website.

    57.3.2   The MIAA certification Form 100 must be dated and filed at thereceiving school before the student is declared eligible (as to the transferrule only) by the receiving school principal.


    All transfer students wishing to participateat any level are required to meet with the Athletic Director prior to anyactivity.


    57.4    The receiving High SchoolPrincipal may utilize Form 200 to declare a transfer

    Student eligible, providing it is prior to the start of the seasonand the student did not participate on a non-school team (see Rule 57.2),  if the sending school Principal certifies thefollowing:

    a.    Recruitment was not involved in any way.

    b.   At the time of transfer, the student was in good standing.

    c.    The student would be academically eligible at the sending school.

    d.   The transfer was in no way motivated by athletics.

    e.    The student would have been eligible by MIAA and local rules at thesending



    57.5 A student who transfersafter the start of the practice season is ineligible in all sports during thatseason.    


    57.6 Foreign Students

    57.6.1    A student who transfersfrom a foreign country without parental change of residence accompanyingthe transfer, will be ineligible unless such transfer is sponsored by aCSIET (Council on Standards for International Education Travel) approvedforeign exchange program. 

    All newly arrived foreign-born students must meet with the AthleticDirector prior to any activity.


    6.     Rule 45:  Loyalty to the High School Team:  Bona Fide Team Members

    A bona fide member of the school team is a student who isconsistently present for, and actively participates in, all high school team sessions(e.g. practices, tryouts, competitions).  Bona fide members of a school team areprecluded from missing a high school practice or competitions in order toparticipate in a non-school athletic activity/event in any sport recognized bythe MIAA.  Any student who violates thisstandard is ineligible for the next two contests or two weeks (whichever is greater)immediately upon confirmation of the violation. See rule 95 for additional tournament restriction.


    7.     Rule 45:  Loyalty to the High School Team: Bona FideTeam Members

    A bona fide member of the school team is a student who isconsistently present for, and actively participates in, all high school teamsessions (e.g. practices, tryouts, competitions).  Bona fide members of a school team areprecluded from missing a high school practice or competition in order toparticipate in a non-school athletic activity/event in any sport recognized bythe MIAA.   First Offense:  Student athleteis suspended for an additional 25% of the season, and is ineligible fortournament play immediately upon confirmation of the violation.  See Rule 96 for additional tournamentrestriction and Rule 86 for waiver guidelines.




    During the school year, a student shall not, regardless of thequantity, use or consume, possess, buy/sell or give away any beveragecontaining alcohol: any tobacco product, marijuana, steroids; or any controlledsubstance.  It is not a violation for astudent to be in possession of a legally defined drug specifically prescribedfor the student’s own use by his/her doctor.


    A.   First Violation:

    When the administration confirms, following an opportunity for theathlete to be heard that a violation occurred, the athlete shall lose 1/3 ofthe season (for example: an 18 game, season, 6 games would be the penalty, if10 games, 3 games would be penalty.  The1/3 will always be the lower number in a season with an odd number of games).This penalty shall carry over to additional seasons if the violation occurslate in the season.  An athlete shall notbe allowed to serve the penalty in a sport they have not already participatedin.  IF no other sport is played thepenalty will be served the following year. In the case of a freshman, the penalty will be served the next seasonthe athlete participates in.  Anathlete committing a violation during an out-of-season period will have thesame penalties enforced as if the athlete was in season.  This rule will begin the first day ofpractice for fall sports and go through the last day of school.


    B.   Second Violation:

    When the administration confirms, following an opportunity for theathlete to be heard that a second violation has occurred, the athlete shalllose eligibility for one calendar year from the date of offense.  The athlete shall be allowed to return toathletics after 12 weeks if the student of his/her volition becomes aparticipant and completes as approved out of school chemical dependency program.  The athlete attending will pay any costs ofattending the program.


    C.   Subsequent Violation:

    When theadministration confirms, following an opportunity for the athlete to be heardthat a third violation has occurred, the athlete shall not be eligible toparticipate in athletics for the remainder of the school year with noexceptions (minimum of six months of school calendar.  It will carry over to the next school year ifthere is less than six months left in the year of the offense). This penaltymay carry over to the next school year. The athlete must participate and complete an approved out of schoolchemical dependency program or treatment program in order to participate inathletics in the future at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School.


    D.   Team Captain Privileges:

    Any athlete who violates the Chemical Health Rule at any timeduring his/her high school career (in or out of season) shall forfeit theprivilege of being captain of a high school team.  This rule will begin the first day ofpractice for fall sports and go through the last day of school.


    63. Good Citizen Rule

    63.1 Student athletes may not represent their school if they are onin-house or out-of-house disciplinary suspension.  A suspended student is ineligible forpractice3 or competition for at least the number of days  (or Partial days) equal to the number of daysof the suspension.  Local policies willdetermine the actual days of ineligibility. The Board of Directors suggests that policies be included in localstudents handbooks.



    Athlete’s Academic Responsibility

    PeabodyHigh School athletes are expected and encouraged to maintain the highest levelof academic achievement and behavior. Athletes are encouraged to stay after for extra help or to make upmissed work whenever necessary.  Athletesare expected to inform their coaches in advance when practice time will bemissed due to academic obligations. Students arriving late due to make-up work or extra help will not suffera penalty.  Teachers are encouraged tocontact a coach should a student-athlete’s work or behavior become a problem.


    School Discipline

    Astudent-athlete is expected to fulfill school discipline/detention obligationsbefore reporting for practice or games, students cannot expect, and should notrequest discipline action to be postponed or cancelled for any athletic reason.


    Student-athlete’ssuspended (in or out) from school may not practice, play or be with the team onthe day(s) in which he/she is serving the suspension.


    Class Attendance Policy

    Anystudent-athlete who is absent from school on the day of a scheduled game orpractice session will not be allowed to participate in that game orpractice.  A student-athlete must be inattendance at school prior to 9:58 am or the start of 4thperiod.  Students dismissed before 10:45am or the end of 4th period will not be considered to be inattendance that day and will be ineligible to participate in any eventscheduled for the same day.  Studentsdismissed after 10:45 due to illness will be ineligible to participate in anyevent that day.  Student-athletes whodisplay a pattern of excessive or inappropriate dismissals, regardless oflength, will similarly be withheld from practice and/or games.


    School Equipment Responsibilities

    Studentsare responsible for, and are expected to maintain proper care of all equipmentissued to them.  Students areresponsible for payment of any items lost, stolen or damaged.   Each item not returned will be assessed at arate comparable to the current replacement cost.  All equipment is to be returned at thecompletion of the season.


    Student-athletesare not to wear uniforms (practice or game) at any time other than thoseallowed by the specified team regulations.



    The coach for each sport will hold an informational meeting priorto the start of the season. Candidates are expected to attend.  A parent/athlete meeting is held prior toeach season.  The student/athlete and oneparent or guardian must attend.


    All candidates for athletic teams must meet the following requirementsprior to attending any tryouts or practice sessions:


    1. Have evidence of a passed physical examination that will be valid for the entire school year.
    2. Have submitted a signed parental form.
    3. Be under 19 years of age on or after September 1st of that year. 
    4. For grade 9:  be 16 years of age on or before September 1st of that year.
    5. Athletic user fee paid or waiver applied for.
    6. Transfer students must meet with the A.D. prior to any athletic participation.

    7.     Foreign students whotransfer to Peabody H.S. directly from their country of origin must meet withthe A.D. prior to athletic participation.


    Musthave fulfilled all financial obligations for equipment issued the previousseason.

    Goodsportsmanship is the number one priority of the Peabody High School AthleticDepartment.  It is expected that ourathletes, coaches, and fans will demonstrate the highest level ofsportsmanship.  Peabody High Schoolplayers, coaches and fans will treat our opponents, game officials and visitingspectators with respect.


    1.      Rule 48:  Sportsmanship:Taunting

    Taunting includes any actions or comments by coaches, players, orspectators, which are intended to bait, anger, embarrass, ridicule, or demeanothers, whether or not the deeds or works are vulgar or racist.  Included is conduct that berates, needles,intimidates, or threatens based on race, gender, ethnic origin or background,and conduct that attacks religious beliefs, size, economic status, speech,family, special needs, or personal characteristics.


    Examples of taunting include but are not limited to: “trash talk”,defined as verbal communication of a personal nature directed by a competitorto an opponent by ridiculing his/her skills, efforts, sexual orientation, orlack of success, which is likely to provoke an altercation or physicalresponse; and physical intimidation outside the spirit of the game, including“in the face” confrontation by one player to another, standing over/straddlinga tacked or fallen player, etc.


    2.      Hazing:

    The term “hazing” means any assumption of authority by a studentwhereby another student suffers or is exposed to any cruelty, intimidation,humiliation, embarrassment, hardship, or oppression, or is required to performexercises to excess, to become sleep deprived, to commit dangerous activities,to curry favor from those in power, to submit to physical assaults, to consumeoffensive foods or alcohol, or the threat of bodily harm or death, or thedeprivation or abridgement of any right.


    Peabody High School will not tolerate any form of hazing.  In the event of an accusation of hazing animmediate full investigation will take place.  Hazing can result in removal from the team, suspension, expulsion andreferral to law enforcement for possible legal action. 


    RESPECT all your teammates and they will respect you!



    PeabodyHigh School provides transportation to away games.  All team members are required to travel toand from all away events on transportation provided by the AthleticDepartment.  Exceptions to this policymust be requested in writing to the Athletic Director by an athlete’sparent/guardian prior to the event. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to transport themselvesor ride with other students to or from away games.  Athletes are expected to conduct themselvesin a proper manner on all bus trips. Yelling at passing cars, obscene gesturing, unruly conduct, or otherforms of inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.


    Athletic Awards

    Eachathletic program provides team and individual awards at the conclusion of theirseason.  The athletic department providesthe opportunity for additional awards including”


    Varsity Certificates

    Coach Decision

    League All Star Certificates

    League Decision

    Awards/Scholarship include:


           *Moynihan Lumber Student-Athlete of the Month

    Coach nominates/chosen by newspaper committee

             *North Shore Student –Athlete of the Year

    Coach nominates/chosen by newspaper committee

             *Harry Agganis Scholar-Athlete Award

    Student Application/chosen by Agganis committee

                    *Johnny Pesky College Scholarship

    Student Application/chosen by outside committee

                    *Courtney Marie Corning Athletic  


    Athletic Department Application

                    *Craig Steven Green Memorial Scholarship

    Athletic Department Application

    (hockey)     *Frederick C. Miller Memorial Scholarship

    Athletic Department Application

                    *George L. Smyrnios Scholarship

    Athletic Department Application

                    *James L. Smyrnios Memorial Scholarship

    Athletic Department Application

                    *Jeff Paul Memorial Scholarship (track)

    Athletic Department Application

                    *Kristin Petrone Memorial Scholarship

    Athletic Department Application

                    *Michael Martin Memorial Scholarship

    Athletic Department Application

                    *Vincent Rosa Scholarship (hockey)

    Coaches decision

    Seasonal Awards (male & female)


             “Nick Spiliotis Community Service Award”

    Chosen seasonally (by coaching staff)

             “Tanner Award”

    Chosen seasonally (by coaching staff)

    Yearly Awards  (male & female)


             “Student- Athlete of the Year”

    Chose by a committee (Principal, AD, Faculty Mgr. And Guidance) A scoring rubric is used to choose winner

             “Athlete of the Year”

    Chose by a committee (Principal, AD, Faculty Mgr. And Guidance) A scoring rubric is used to choose winner




























    NCAA Clearing House

    Everyyear, schools across the country are required to submit a list of courses thatare offered which qualify as NCAA Core Courses. These courses are listed on the NCAA Clearinghouse Web Site forprospective college students.  Eachdivision in college has different academic requirements.


    Inorder to participate in athletics at the college level, a student-athlete mustfile an NCAA Clearinghouse form during their senior year.  All seniors are encouraged to file with theclearinghouse whether they intend to participate or not.  Many colleges offer sports not offered atPeabody High School and motivate students to try something new such as crew,rugby or fencing.


    Applicationcan be accessed by logging on to www.clearinghouse.com


    List of Approved Core Courses


    Coursesdesignated with a ‘=’ symbol are courses that may be used only by students witha diagnosed disability.  In order for astudent to receive credit for a course designed for students with disabilities,the student must have provided verification of his or her disability status bypresenting to the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse either: (1) anonstandard ACT or SAT score; or (2) notice of disability designation by theNCAA Disability Services staff.


    NCAAlegislation permits a student to receive credit for a core course only onetime.  As a result, if a student repeatsa core course, the student will only receive credit once for the core courseand the highest grade earned in the course will be included in the calculationof the student’s core-course grade-point average.  Likewise, if a student completes a course thatis duplicative with another core course, the student will only receive creditonce for the core course and the highest grade earned in the course will beincluded in the calculation of the student’s core-course grade-point average.


    High School Course Information



















    Social Science



    =SPED English 10




    =SPED US History



    =SPED English 11




    =SPED World History I



    =SPED English 12




    =SPED World History II



    =SPED English 9




    Contemporary Affairs










    Creative Writing




    European History/AP



    English 10







    English 11




    History Essex County



    English 12




    Military History WWII



    English 9




    Museum Sciences







    Presidents USA



    Foundations in Writing














    Modern Short Story Sem







    Mystery Fiction




    US Government& Politics/AP



    Seminar in Shakespeare




    US History 1865 to the present



    Sports Writing [3.27.02]




    US History/AP



    Advanced Techniques in Writing




    World Geography







    World History I/500 AD to 1815







    World History II/ 1800 to the present








    Natural/Physical Science



    =SPED Algebra I




    =SPED Biology



    =SPED Geometry




    =SPED Chemistry



    Algebra 1




    =SPED Science 10 (Env Sci)



    Algebra 2




    Action Physics







    Anat/Physio/Level 1







    Anat/Physio/Level 2



    College Algebra & Trig











    Biology 1










    Statistics/Data Analysis




    Biotechnology APP I



    Topics in Mathematics




    Biotechnology APP II







    Chemistry 1



    Additional Core Courses




    Chemistry 2



    French 1,2,3,4,5, I, AP




    Chemistry1/Level 2



    German 1,2,3,4




    Chemistry 1/Level 3



    Latin 1,2,3




    Chemistry /AP



    Modern Greek 1,2,3,4




    Chemistry/Level 1



    Portuguese 4, 1,2,3







    Spanish 1,2,3,4,5, AP




    Environmental Science



    Italian 1




    Fundamentals of Physics



    Italian Intro




    Organic Chemistry