• Homework


    Homework extends and reinforces the work of the classroom teacher. Desirable homework habits start at school with thorough instruction and clear assignments and are supported by good study habits, for example, beginning work promptly, having the necessary materials on hand, and working in a comfortable atmosphere free from distraction. Independence in obtaining information and in analyzing situations objectively is the goal.

    Parents may help a child by providing a similar home atmosphere for homework purposes. A definite time and place will help establish a routine. Parental encouragement is always welcome. Checking work for errors and constructive criticism is always useful. However, at no time should a parent perform the work. Should there be any questions about homework assignments, a discussion between parent and teacher is recommended.

    The amount of homework assigned shall be gradually increased from grade to grade. The following schedule is a guide, for the "average" student, appropriate adjustments should be made for the "gifted" as well as for the "underachieving" students.

    Grades 1-3: 15 minutes to 45 minutes

    Grades 4-5: 45 minutes to 60 minutes

    Teachers are aware that classes and individuals differ greatly in ability, study habits, and attitudes. To the extent possible, these differences are recognized in assigning homework.

    In general:

    •  Homework shall be assigned at the discression of the teacher. However, teachers of semi-departmentalized classes should periodically consult each other to avoid exceeding stated time limits (given above) on one or more nights per week.

    •  Assignments are in written form whenever appropriate.

    •  Knowledge of the assignment and of skills necessary to complete the assignment are checked before class is dismissed.

    •  Students are encouraged to use common materials, forms and procedures in submitting homework. Work is expected to be neat, clean and legible.

    •  Teachers are expected to collect and check each assignment, reviewing errors, recording results, etc.