• Center School Improvement Plan


    The Peabody Public Schools provides an academic, vocational and occupational education in the context of a technological society.  With its proud and inspired heritage, the community challenges its youth to strive for excellence as individuals and as productive citizens. 

    Now, as we begin the 21st century, education is in a process of vast transformation.  Our present goal is to facilitate the change for future generations.  The basic premise that can provide direction for school changes begins with the fundamental belief that ALL children can learn.  The Peabody Public schools is committed to meeting the needs of ALL students, and to make learning a more exciting, enriching, and educationally stimulating experience.  Additionally, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment.  Further, we are committed to collaborating with the community and seek individuals and businesses who are interested in aspiring to make our student prepared to succeed in a global community.  The challenge calls for diligence, collaboration, creativity, and dedication by all. 

    The Center School will provide an educationally sound and academically challenging environment dedicated to the philosophy that all children can learn with an understanding that all children do not learn the same nor at the same rate. The Center School family believes that the education of our children is a joint effort among family, school and community.  We will persist in fostering a safe, nurturing environment, which addresses the academic, physical, emotional and social needs of our children. 

    In order to achieve this purpose, we will:

    -     Encourage a meaningful connection between the school and home; our staff will seek opportunities to enable our parents to support, to monitor and to advocate for their children�s education.

    -     Commit our staff to becoming better prepared to meet the needs of the citizens of our future by exploring the dynamics of various teaching/learning approaches.

     - Empower our children to become contributing members of our community.


    I will treat myself and others with respect.  I will use good manners and show courtesy to all those around me. 

    I am reliable and others can count on me!  I will give my best effort in all that I do!