• Dear Carroll School Families,

    Welcome to the Carroll School!  We are looking forward to a productive school year.  The purpose of this brochure is to familiarize you to our arrival, dismissal and general procedures.  At the Carroll School your child’s safety is our top priority; therefore, we have taken steps to ensure that we fulfill this responsibility.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support with the following procedures.




    Please familiarize yourself to the traffic pattern before the start of school.


     Kenwood Road is a one-way, moving from Walsh Avenue toward Northend Street.

      BUSES ONLY will be allowed to use Principal’s Way.

      Parking is banned on Kenwood Road from the west side of Walsh Avenue south to the entrance to the school (right side).

      Parking is banned on the south side of Northend Street, in front of 61 Northend Street, to give the buses more turning room.

      Please be mindful of driveways, intersections and crosswalks.  Please do not park on or in them.

    The driveway to the parking lot on Kenwood Road is for Staff Parking ONLY and is off limits during arrival and dismissal. 

    Grade Level
    Entrances and Exits 
    Kindergarten Students – will enter and exit Northend Street doors.  Please wait for your child on the platform or sidewalk.  Please do not block stairway or doorway (Marked Door #6 and #7)

    1st Grade Students – will line-up and enter and exit the Kenwood Road front doors (Marked Door#1)

     2nd Grade Students – will line-up and enter and exit the back of the gym  (Marked Door # 11 and #12)

     3rd Grade Studentswill enter and exit the side door on Kenwood Road side (Marked Door #2)

     4th Grade Studentswill line-up on the sidewalk on Northend Street and enter and exit in the side                                                   door (Marked Door #5)

     5th Grade Students – will enter and exit the side door on Kenwood Road side (Marked Door #2)


    School Begins at 8:50 AM 
    All students are expected to arrive at school on time.  Students that arrive later than 9:00 AM must report to the office to check in and will be marked tardy.  
    Students that take the bus to school will be dropped off on Principal's Way and a staff member will be awaiting their arrival to guide them to their classrooms.  Students must have a bus pass to ride the bus each day.  
    No students should report to school earlier than 8:50 AM.  There will not be adequate supervision outside the building at the school prior to this time to ensure your child's safety.  
    School ends at 2:55 PM and children must be picked-up promptly.  Please make proper arrangements. 
    At the Carroll, we value every minute of instructional time, therefore students will not be dismissed prior to 2:55 PM without a written request from a parent/guardian.
    No student can ride a different bus to or from school other than the one they have been assigned to by the transportation office.  
    Parent/guardian must notify the office/classroom teacher if there are any changes in the child's routine dismissal procedures.
    Again if you are picking your child up from school, please park in the neighborhood and meet your child at his/her assigned door. Children will enter and exit from the same door each day.   
    (8:50 AM - 2:55 PM)
    Parents/Guardians are always welcome at the Carroll School.  We deeply value the partnership between home and school as we work together to provide the best educational experience for our students.
    If you are visiting Carroll School between the hours of 9:15 AM – 2:30 PM please feel free to park in the visitor parking space on the Kenwood Road side of the building.
    When visiting Carroll School, please check in at the Main Office.  If you will be volunteering your time in the school, State Law and policy requires that you have a CORI check Criminal Offender Record Information check..  (CORI forms may be picked in the Carroll School Main Office or at Peabody Public Schools Main Office) You will be asked to sign in the “Visitor Log” book and be given a visitor badge to wear.  Visitor badges must be worn at all times when you are visiting the building during school hours.  At the end of your visit, please report back to the office to sign out.
    Parents/guardians of students with legal concerns/restraining orders should see or contact Principal Smith. 
    Parents/guardians of students with medial needs should see our school nurse, Mrs. Millard.
    As always, the Carroll School treats each situation confidentially and with respect