Arrival & Dismissal Policy 2016-2017

School begins promptly at 8:50. All students are expected to arrive on time. There is a late bell at 9:00 A.M. Students who arrive later than 9:00 A.M. must enter the school through the main entrance and report to the office to sign in tardy. Students arriving late to school repeatedly may be assigned an afterschool detention. During the winter months-December-March, when the temperature is below 32 degrees, students may enter the school building at 8:40 and proceed to the gym. The assistant principal, Mrs. Covino, will watch the students until 8:50 where they will go directly to their classroom.  

Taking the Bus   
Students who take the bus to school may ride for free if they live 2 or more miles from the school. Students who live less than 2 miles from the school, but wish to ride the bus may pay to ride. To find out more about whether your child is eligible for the bus or if you may pay for them to ride the bus, contact the Transportation office at 978.536.6581. Additional information is posted on the district's website @  All students who ride the bus must have a bus pass to rise the bus each day. Bus passes will be mailed home prior to the start of school.  Students who rise the bus to school will be dropped off at the main entrance.  Bus rules are listed inside the student handbook given to parents/guardians the first few weeks of school or when you register. 

Arriving By Car
No student should arrive at the school earlier than 8:50 a.m. (8:40 a.m. December - March).  There will not be adequate supervision at the school prior to this time to ensure your child's safety.  Parents driving their children to school in the morning are asked to park their car on Bow Street and walk their child to the front door or designated door of the school for line up in the morning.  Students need to stay on the painted yellow area that follows the driveway onto the sidewalk of the school.  No cars should park on any of these yellow pained areas.  Parents/guardians should not pull up into our school driveway entrance to drop children off as it makes access to the school difficult for staff and buses.  During good weather, students line up at their assigned door.  This information will come home at the beginning og school or ask about it when you take our school tour with the Principal, Dr. Cornacchio, if you are new to our school.
Please Drive Carefully! 
Please Drive Carefully!  PPpp